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SHR’s Maverick CRM, Wave RMS Certified by Infor HMS

SHR announced that its Maverick CRM and Wave RMS products have completed their certification with the Infor Hospitality Management System (HMS) platform. These applications join SHR’s Windsurfer CRS – which has previously been certified by Infor – as solutions that can now be seamlessly integrated within the Infor HMS environment.

A next-generation Cloud-based PMS, Infor HMS is designed to jump-start an organization’s digitalization journey by creating consistently superior guest experiences, boosting revenues and encouraging return visits. The solution provides easy access to valuable incoming data and empowers management to turn it into action. Now that SHR systems are certified with Infor, the actionable data from each will flow much more smoothly into the HMS platform.

“SHR applications are very complementary to our Infor CloudSuite Hospitality solutions, and this partnership provides hoteliers with a more seamless technology experience,” said Jason Floyd, general manager, Infor Hospitality. “Our interface with SHR enables us to offer enhanced integration capabilities which will in turn enhance the overall guest experience.”

“At SHR we work on building strong connections with our partners that increase efficiency for hotels and reduce friction for their guests,” says Estella Hale, Chief Product Evangelist at SHR. “As such, we are excited to announce that SHR’s Windsurfer CRS, Maverick CRM and Wave RMS have completed their integration certification with Infor HMS. The integration to our entire suite of products creates synergies for communication with guests and brings pricing decisions to where buying decisions are made.”

SHR has developed a rock-solid reputation in the hotel industry for offering hoteliers sophisticated tools and services to help execute reservation and distribution strategies, while optimizing the profitability of room inventory. Now, when paired with the Infor HMS – which enables hotels to tailor a seamless and contactless experience through an intuitive user interface – data will be shared seamlessly among all the key revenue-generating systems.

The news comes at a critical time for hoteliers, as the industry continues to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to experts, the recent events have made systems integration more important than ever for profitable operations, helping to ensure rate parity, smarter marketing and the most profitable yield management strategies. These are some of the key drivers of SHR’s integration with Infor’s CloudSuite of applications.

“There’s a real advantage in having technology that can adapt to create new rate models as we continue to navigate the pandemic,” said Mukund Mohan, VP of product strategy at Infor. “You build it once and immediately have price parity across all the channels. It’s not possible for one person to make sure that all of that is done. The critical integration is between a PMS and a CRS, because the reservation system has connectivity to all the other distribution channels.”

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