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Sharp Introduces Intelligent Data Enterprise Service for POS Data

Sharp Electronics Corporation introduces its Sharp Intelligent Data Enterprise (S.I.D.E.) service, which will give multi-store companies a streamlined solution that can meet even the most stringent Point-of-Sale (POS) requirements. S.I.D.E combines the reliability of the Sharp embedded POS system at the store level with the freedom of an open platform system at the above-store level, providing managers with the ability to closely track sales data daily without having to estimate or manage archiving.

The S.I.D.E. service, managed by Sharp, brings complete sales data from Sharp's premiere embedded POS systems, including the newly introduced UP-800 and UP3500, onto a web portal for fast and easy end user access. All sales information is retrieved from the registers daily and uploaded to a sophisticated 3-dimensional data warehouse where it can be reviewed, exported and manipulated to suit business owners' needs.

End-users can access a Web-based portal for data access. This ASP (Application Service Provider) solution requires no software for the user to install and maintain. The application also provides the Business Dashboard with critical business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so that managers can efficiently track and review sales data once it is automatically sent every night after closing. S.I.D.E. also provides a complete daily Z report (Final end of business day) that is captured for real sales reporting, eliminating estimates.

At the store level, S.I.D.E. does not require a PC, as the Sharp UP-C100 store controller handles all communication between the registers and the data warehouse. To make reviewing data even easier, most reports can be exported to a spreadsheet for use in other applications such as accounting systems.

The standard data retention period is 18 months, but end-users have the option of increasing to longer periods of time.

S.I.D.E provides business monitoring through Web based reporting with the reliability, robustness and cost effectiveness of the embedded UP-700, UP-800 or UP-3500 POS systems.

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