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Self-Pay Tech Eases New Minimum Wage and Labor Shortage Pressures

Ready, a new restaurant technology company, said it is trying to solve one of the biggest problems facing the restaurant industry today with an innovative self-pay payment solution. Using web pay technology, Ready is offers diners a fast way to pay at restaurants by enabling them to view their bill on their mobile device and pay in seconds without downloading an app.

Ready not only solves a pain point for restaurant guests who are waiting to pay for their meal, but also helps staff turn tables over quicker and earn more tips, and increases efficiencies for management at a time when wage and labor shortage pressures are high.

With Ready, guests pay when they're ready which means restaurateurs save on labor costs, guests save time, and the staff gains greater job satisfaction and more tip income. Restaurants can provide a better experience for guests with less need to hire staff for busy peaks. It's a win-win-win for restaurant operators in Canada.

Look for Ready at booth #843 at the Restaurants Canada Show on February 25-27 for more information about how this technology can work in your restaurant.

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