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San Francisco Soup Company Drives Sales with Mobile CRM

San Francisco Soup Company (SF Soup), operator of 17 soup, salad and sandwich restaurants around the Bay Area, has selected Punchh to create a customized mobile-based guest rewards program. Using Punchh’s Mobile CRM platform which includes the restaurant industry’s first iBeacon-enabled solution, the chain’s customers can earn loyalty points, redeem rewards, find locations and receive news and offers through their mobile devices. In turn, SF Soup will gather highly actionable customer data to help it understand its fans better and precision-market to them directly.
What the Punchh platform will enable SF Soup to do:
Engage customers on mobile devices when customers are near or in the stores (using iBeacon technology)
Reward customers for loyalty, word of mouth, and referrals
Deliver daily soup notifications when customers’ favorite soups are being served
Tailor offers to each customer based on spend, visits, and order preferences
The platform employs the restaurant industry’s first use of iBeacon, to automatically identify loyalty program members with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones as they come near to or enter a SF Soup restaurant. Knowing such customers are near the location allows SF Soup to send a personalized offer to that patron immediately. Once inside, the staff can offer even more personalized touches.
The SF Soup mobile app will launch in June at select stores, and will be available for download on iOS and Android devices from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.
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