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San Fran Grand Hyatt Offers Eco-Friendly High-Tech Security

Grand Hyatt San Francisco  has selected a package of VingCard Elsafe  solutions for installation during renovation of its 659 guestrooms. The renovation features the addition of VingCard's Orion energy management system and Signature RFID locks powered by the VISIONLINE wireless online access management system.
The Orion system is comprised of wireless digital thermostats, occupancy sensors, door position interfaces, remote server software and a comprehensive dashboard reporting interface. The room control dashboard provides an overview of guestroom electronic systems, including occupancy status, locks, safes, lighting, and total energy consumption.
Orion automatically assumes control of ambient temperature when guestrooms are unoccupied. Upon guests' return, the system automatically resumes the preset temperature settings. Likewise, Orion interfaces with the hotel's property management system to pre-condition the room upon guest check-in and automatically engage enhanced energy savings mode upon check- out.
The backbone of the Orion system is VISIONLINE by VingCard, a wireless communication platform that encompasses both the energy management and guestroom locking systems. VISIONLINE allows the standalone electronic locks to communicate with a central property server via online radio frequency, eliminating the need to manually reprogram locks, cancel master cards, and check battery life. A remote audit trail and live card-tracking capabilities provide intelligence in the event of a guest dispute. Optional advanced communication functionality keeps hotel management constantly in the loop regarding security issues via automated text message or email.
VISIONLINE by VingCard integrates with Elsafe's Infinity II electronic safes, also in use at Grand Hyatt San Francisco. With VISIONLINE by VingCard, front desk staff can remotely view a safe's locking status, allowing them to notify departing guests if they have forgotten to empty the safe.
The most visible piece of the hotel's technological upgrade is the installation of VingCard Elsafe's Signature RFID locks. The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locks allow for simple, contactless guestroom entry, and they communicate with VISIONLINE by VingCard to give hotel staff a real-time view of guestroom access attempts for quick security response in the event of an intruder, or to notify guests if a door is left ajar.
For a limited segment of Grand Hyatt San Francisco guests-the hotel's 75 most frequent customers-the hotel is already using the RFID locks to allow the bypassing of check-in. As part of a program being piloted by Hyatt Hotels Corp., these loyal guests have been given an RFID-enabled loyalty keycard that they can reuse on each visit to the property and which is remotely activated and deactivated as appropriate.

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