Samsung to Introduce Back to Business Solutions at Virtual Conference

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. is showcasing a wide range of commercial display solutions to get companies back to business. Focused on the three key areas of Safety, Collaboration and Communications, Samsung worked together with partners on display solutions that equip business owners with the tools to operate successfully and efficiently. To demonstrate how these display solutions can aid companies in reopening operations, Samsung will be hosting keynotes, customer panels and product experiences on July 15 and 16 in an interactive virtual conference, “Samsung V/X: Back to Business.”

Hospitality companies in particular rely on displays for important communications to their customers, including directional and informational cues. Samsung worked with partners to develop specific display solutions that address the safety, social distancing and hygiene needs of customers.  The flexibility of the Samsung display line up as the foundation for these innovative solutions provides businesses with the opportunity to address specific concerns within each industry.

Access & Safety

Samsung is offering display solutions with key partners designed to safely empower businesses to get back to work. 

Along with partner Palmer Digital Group, a division of the Industrial Enclosure Corporation, Samsung is introducing an FDA Certified Temperature Screening Kiosk to seamlessly screen and track temperatures before entering an establishment. 

Creative Realities Inc., a provider of digital marketing solutions, also partnered with Samsung on no-contact Thermal Mirror technology to perform real-time temperature inspection and to trigger alerts. The Thermal Mirror has an integrated AI platform and an array of reporting capabilities. “

Remote management for displays also plays a large role in keeping up with the drive-thru and curbside pick-up demand at QSRs. Samsung’s content and device management solution, MagicINFO, is critical in enabling franchise owners to share menu updates and feature brand promotions in real-time. Samsung is offering a limited time 90-day trial of the Cloud Hosted Solution.

To learn more about the back to business solutions, attend Samsung’s free “Samsung V/X: Back to Business” virtual conference on July 15 and 16 by signing up with this link





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