Sally the Robot Goes Contactless

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Chowbotics has developed a mobile app for fast, contactless ordering for its fresh food robot, Sally. The company has also expanded the robot’s menu  capabilities,  elevating  the  culinary  experience  for  ranging  tastes.  Chowbotics  has  also  introduced  a  large  format  video  interface  for  responsive  marketing  that  creates  an  engaging  customer experience.

Chowbotics’ fresh food robot offers contactless ordering through mobile app and QR code.


Contactless Ordering

Chowbotics  has  developed  a  proprietary  app  to  allow  contactless  ordering,  creating  a  safer  self-serve  experience  for  patrons  and  faster  throughput  for operators. Users can now browse the menu and place an order with their nearest Sally from anywhere, through their own personal smart devices. Upon arrival at the robot, a QR code is scanned to complete the order.

Allowing  customers  to  view  the  menu  and  place  an  order  before  arriving  also  greatly  increases  the  throughput of the robot by reducing ordering time. The average time to order and dispense a meal with the app is reduced by as much as 50% resulting in higher meals served per day capabilities for operators.

Responsive Marketing Video Interface 

Sally  the  Robot  engages with  operators  through  the  Chowbotics’  robot  cloud  manage-ment  platform, a new video interface included on all new robots (and available as an add-on to existing ones) will allow operators to proactively engage with patrons and market specific items based on the menus they are running. This could mean displaying breakfast bowls in the morning and a BBQ bowl in the early evening to boost  incremental  sales.  

It  also  allows  operators  to  engage  new  users  with  the  fresh  food  robot  from  a  distance, and highlight ingredient sourcing or other partners. This new capability uses the powerful effects of video marketing paired with data to increase awareness, engagement, and ultimately sales.