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SalesVu Launches Cloud-based, Mobile ERP for Small Businesses

SalesVu has announced a cloud and mobile all-in-one business ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Business owners can remotely manage all aspects of their operation via the cloud on mobile devices, whether they have one or multiple stores, allowing them to enjoy the same efficiencies as much larger businesses.
SalesVu is a full cloud-based POS system, with inventory control capabilities, online ordering, employee clock-in / clock-out and real-time financial reporting. The in-store iPad POS register is linked to the business' ecommerce website and online reservation system, which eliminates the chance of duplicate entries. Inventory management in SalesVu is much more accurate because all sales channels update the same inventory database and managers/suppliers can be notified in real time of low inventory levels, whether purchases are done at one of their stores or on their website.
"SalesVu is an all-in-one POS system with inventory management, online ordering, employee clock-in and clock-out. It has everything you need to run a small business" says Hillary Biediger from Juice Junkies.
Businesses that have multiple locations can manage the entire chain, including all the operational aspects of every store (products, inventory, employees, etc) from a single SalesVu cloud-based account. "We love the ability to track our inventory and get sales reports instantly online from any location. The ease of getting all of the information is incredible. We can track daily sales and set up employee scheduling at a moment's notice," says Kyle Knapton from Barnstormer Winery.
SalesVu also offers a complete 360-view of every customer – including in-store and online purchase history, online reservations, recurring billing, membership status, and outstanding invoices – all on the same screen. The 360-view allows business owners to know their customers intimately and send them relevant personalized promotions. "SalesVu has given me comfort, tranquility, marketing automation, and more importantly customer satisfaction" says Susan Anthony from Northern Sun Winery.
SalesVu’s all-in-one ERP solution for small and medium businesses is available for subscription by industry bundle or a-la-carte by choosing from a wide variety of modules that help automate a business front and back-end.
Some examples of modules include:
Point-of-Sale App for iPad, iPhone, and Android Smartphones
Ecommerce and Online Ordering Platform
Inventory & Vendor Management with Automated Re-ordering
Employee Scheduling and Human Capital Management (HCM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with email and Social Marketing Automation
Table Management and Online Reservations
Gift Card Management Solution for POS and Ecommerce
Credit Card Processing for POS, Ecommerce, Electronic Invoices, and Recurring Payments
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