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RTN Launches Three New Workgroups


The Restaurant Technology Network has launched three new workgroups, including Native Delivery Best Practices, Contactless Customer Journey and POS Implementation Security Best Practices. All RTN members are encouraged to participate, and non-RTN members can "test-drive" one workgroup prior to joining the community. 

RTN workgroups are innovative think-tanks, where technology companies and restaurateurs roll up their sleeves together, and collaborate to solve real-world problems, create best practices and publish standards. RTN members enjoy first-rights access to everything workgroups publish, which allows technology companies to go to market faster with solutions designed to spec, while allowing restaurants to roll out new technologies with greater confidence and efficiency. Workgroup chairs also have unique opportunities to present the standards and best practices findings live on stage at HT's MURTEC and MURTEC Executive Summit events.  

Contactless Customer Journey

The COVID-19 crisis has forced the restaurant industry to innovate at lightspeed, transforming once nice-to-have futuristic technologies into must-have, essential-to-business table stakes. From waiting on a table to ordering from a menu to paying a tab, whether you're dining in or using the restaurant's curbside, delivery or drive-thru options, contactless technologies guide every turn along the customer's journey. This workgroup will explore best practices for implementing contactless technologies whenever and wherever your customer interacts with your brand.

Native Delivery Best Practices

With the rapid shift to off-premises dining, restaurants have become increasingly concerned about relinquishing razor-slim margins to third-party delivery companies. Restaurants are seeking viable alternatives to outsourced delivery in the form of native or owned delivery models. This workgroup brings restaurants and suppliers together to prescribe best practices for reclaiming the last-mile delivery customer experience - allowing restaurants to take control of their most valuable assets: employees, customers, food quality/safety and business-sustaining margin. 

POS Implementation Security Best Practices

Point of Sale (POS) systems are a part of every concept and size of restaurant, but they are implemented and deployed in ways that lead to a lack of uniformity in security capabilities.  This fragmentation leads to increased risks to individual stores as well as large brands.  This group will develop industry standard security requirements and implementation best practices to address these issues and ultimately increase the security maturity of the POS.

Both RTN members and non-members can sign up for workgroups here: https://restauranttechnologynetwork.com/page/WorkGroups 

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