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Roxy’s Voice-Activated Devices Able to Replace Hotel Phones

Roxy  announced a new feature for its speech-enabled devices that will enable hotels to replace room phones with voice-activated calling. The feature, which integrates Roxy's customized AI assistant into a hotel's Private Branch Exchange (PBX), will enable hotels using Roxy devices to eliminate one of the industry's least-used expenses and improve the guest experience. In addition to voice calling, Roxy acts as guests' personal concierge, allowing them to place requests to the front desk, access hotel information and local recommendations, and enjoy numerous entertainment and search options.

The new integration will be available to Roxy customers via a software patch, with no additional hardware required. The devices come equipped with a graphical interface and a touch screen, allowing guests to easily see and access all of Roxy's capabilities. Roxy devices are currently used in industry-leading hotels across North America.

"Roxy has helped us continue our commitment to providing our guests with a unique blend of modern amenities and services," said Shannon Gu, general manager at Hotel BLU. "Through Roxy, guests can set an alarm, get our recommendations for local attractions to visit, do checkout automatically, and call for a cab. We're excited for the upcoming rollout of phone functionality."

As part of the new update, Roxy also released a new small talk conversational engine, which outperformed the industry's leading AI assistants in benchmark tests.

Roxy's phone integration allows hotels to save thousands on little-used equipment and advance the guest experience by enabling guests to place calls through their personalized virtual concierge.

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