In-room MediaHub Eliminates Guest Entertainment Interruptions

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In-room MediaHub Eliminates Guest Entertainment Interruptions

For the past few years, hotels have been seeking ways to allow guests to enhance their viewing, gaming or listening pleasure by connecting their personal media device to the in-room television or home theatre system. Building upon TeleAdapt's leading MediaHubTM connectivity device, KoolConnect Technologies announces the creation of on screen cues and settings that allow the guest to easily connect their device and change the source of their media without complex commands or the risk of interrupting their other media in progress.

TeleAdapt Inc has offered both an 'Active' version of the MediaHub product that automatically switches the input for the guest, as well as a 'Passive' version where the guest manually selects the device input. KoolConnect's solution brings these two products together by allowing hotels to install the lower-priced Passive MediaHub while still allowing guests to easily select the input of their personal media.

KoolConnect's on-screen options for the guest, allow them to connect their device and easily select it for viewing or listening via their TV remote control. For example, if a guest was using an Active MediaHub and happened to be watching an on demand movie, the guest would lose the ability to control that movie as soon as their device was connected. But with the integration that KoolConnect has done with TeleAdapt, guests can change the input from their remote, thus eliminating the opportunity for the guest to interrupt their movie when they switch to their personal device.

In addition to the cost savings associated with purchasing the Passive MediaHub, hotels also gain the advantage of centralizing more media control into one remote control, a benefit that is immediately apparent to anyone struggling with multiple remote controls in their own living room.