RMS North America Debuts Five New Products

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

RMS North America, a provider of cloud-based reservation and property management systems to the hospitality industry, today announced the launch of five product innovations designed to support hospitality customers in enhancing their guest experience for the year ahead.

“RMS North America is dedicated to driving innovation at every turn, staying connected with the pulse of the global accommodation industry, and listening to our clients so we can continue building products that measurably impact their businesses,” states Fred Dominioni, Chief Revenue Officer, RMS North America. “The enhancements we’ve released today not only address customer needs, but they enable businesses to adapt and succeed in an ever-evolving travel and hospitality landscape.”

Introducing a new level of customization and efficiency, RMS’s latest improvements create a seamless guest booking experience and provide property managers with a more holistic view of their business and revenue-driving activities. Offerings include enhanced Guest Portal photo functionality, Booking Chart viewing options, reservation attribution filtering, chargeback features, and group allotment release options.

Guest Portal Photo Uploading
Users can now request photos and files from guests by creating a custom form letter with an upload image field that will populate in the Guest Portal. Guests will be prompted to upload the requested item, whether a copy of their ID, passport, updated insurance document, or other requirements. This can all be accomplished via guests’ smart devices.

Booking Chart Text View Options
New text view options in the Booking Chart enable users to view essential information across all bookings by filtering by Average Nightly Rate or Total Discount. Views can be customized further by choosing colors to represent different booking details.

Reservation-Level Attribute Filtering
New dropdown filters on the reservation screen allow for immediate filtering based on guests’ attribute requirements. This new functionality will help users quickly accommodate guests with specific needs, such as wheelchair accessibility.

Point of Sale Chargeback Features
Users can now decide whether guests can charge back to their reservation account and set limits when using POS Lite or a POS integration partner. Easily manage automatic payment preferences and set up default chargeback rules according to the property’s preferences.

Group Allotment Release Options
The Release Type dropdown field allows users to set Days Before Release or a specific Release date that will release blocks of inventory for all dates on the date you’ve set. By selecting a release date, inventory will be guaranteed up to and including the selected date. It will release back to house use or connected channels after the chosen date has passed.

RMS North America remains committed to empowering its users to achieve new business heights with intelligent business offerings. To learn more about these products or schedule a demo, please visit www.rmsnorthamerica.com.

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