Revolution Streamlines Delivery Order Integration

Revolution’s Connect enhances operations for restaurant enterprises by funneling delivery orders directly into their existing POS system from Grubhub marketplace.
Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Restaurant Revolution Technologies has partnered withGrubhub for direct delivery order integration into a restaurant’s location-specific POS system. The partnership provides a direct integration between the Grubhub marketplace (online or native app) and Revolution’sConnect service, by allowing restaurants who participate in Revolution Connect to receive orders from Grubhub’s marketplace directly into their specific POS.

Revolution’s Connect consolidates and simplifies the management of menus and restaurant operation information (locations, hours, pricing, etc.) for third-party delivery marketplaces like Grubhub, streamlining processes and order flow and eliminating the need to manage multiple tablets and manually re-enter orders. These efficiencies eliminate the likelihood of human errors and allow restaurant staff to spend less time inputting orders.

Integrations with other systems are driving POS purchase decisions for 86% of restaurants, according to HT's 2022 POS Software Trends Report

Grubhub has expanded its POS integration capabilities over the last year, and this partnership with Revolution furthers Grubhub's work to equip restaurants of all sizes with the tools that will make their jobs easier so that they can focus on great customer service.

Grubhub integrates with Revolution POS