Revinate Launches Guest Data Platform

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Revinate, the global leader in guest data management and intelligence, launched the hotel industry’s first Guest Data Platform, purpose-built to aggregate, clean and deliver the richest guest profiles for hotels and property groups of all sizes. Drawing from a decade of experience partnering with tens of thousands of hoteliers, Revinate has built the Guest Data Platform to solve the hotel industry’s most pressing need for a clean, robust, single view of the guest. By integrating data from multiple sources, the platform provides hoteliers a holistic view of their guests to deliver insights aimed at increasing direct bookings, profits, and guest satisfaction.

“The Revinate platform is a breath of fresh air compared to other solutions. Every feature Revinate offers is extremely beneficial and easy to use,” said David Kijlstra, Commercial Director at Zoku. “Revinate has given us valuable insights into our guests, allowing for more effective and personalized marketing which has bolstered our loyalty program and resulted in significant ROI for our business.”

It All Starts with Data

Sitting at the core of the hotel technology ecosystem, the Guest Data Platform ingests data frictionlessly from the industry’s most critical systems. With Revinate, hotels have access to advanced machine learning clustering technology that includes a multi-step process to synthesize, merge, and clean data into one secure rich guest database.

Revinate’s Rich Guest Profiles activate guest-centric communications and get smarter with each new data point received from sources that can include property management systems, point of sales systems, loyalty platforms, central reservation systems and more. The Guest Data Platform capabilities also include fully integrated marketing campaigns (Revinate Marketing) and guest experience management (Revinate Guest Feedback) in one integrated system purpose-built for hospitality.

Built For Groups

At the group level, hoteliers have a different set of challenges that must be addressed. Built for groups, Revinate enables cross-property visibility, with the right controls, workflows, and intelligence to tune and optimize the guest experience easily and effectively. Revinate powers reporting for all key stakeholders, including owners, asset managers, regional leaders, general managers and more.

“Revinate's technology has helped us drive $54 million in revenue in our first two years using the product,” said Carlie Stevenson, Director of Marketing at Brittain Resorts & Hotels. “Revinate's insights and data have helped us elevate our guests' experiences across all our properties.”

As the global leader in guest data management, Revinate is committed to data security and ensuring customer compliance with all data privacy laws. Hoteliers can easily understand what types of data they have, what uses of data guests have approved and how best to interact with them. These capabilities can help hotels address obligations from regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

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