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Revel Systems Launches Revel University for Customers

Revel Systems is announced Revel University, a complementary training platform to assist businesses with the setup and onboarding process for all aspects of the Revel Systems POS. The new Revel University is available for all Revel Systems customers at
Revel University is a curated, online onboarding and training video platform to walk new users through setup and installation. No enrollment is necessary and companies are encouraged to follow Revel University instructional videos at their own pace. Revel University helps users get through their set up more efficiently and helps users make the most of their system by providing thorough explanations of each platform feature.
Training videos cover virtually all aspects of setup and use of the Revel Systems POS, including how to set up a payment processor, managing employees, setting up products/menus, taxes, settings, reporting, setting up the POS terminal, POS processes such as start of day, end of day, transactions and orders, and several other courses. 
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