Restaurant Launches Mail-Order Meal Kit Service

Adding a direct-to-consumer shipping capability for its special occasion meal kits is "the next step in creating a seamless environment." says BRG's owners.
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Bohlsen Restaurant Group is expanding its ecommerce platform, Central Market by BRG, and adding nationwide delivery via FedEx for its special occasion meal kits.

BRG has been open for over 20 years celebrating with top-notch steak, seafood and sushi in celebrated locations like Prime – An American Kitchen and BarTellers – An American Chophouse and H2O Seafood and Sushi.

Fine Dining By Mail

BRG says its concept, which includes instructions and ingredients, is "a symbol of the fine-dining-for-the-home model of the future."

When the brand launched last summer, BRG found their customers wanted the same luxury experience they received in their restaurants, but on their own time and location. Bohlsen set a goal to create that same experience for the home and got to work.

The result: special occasion meal kits that are made fresh daily that allow home cooks to go from kit to table in about an hour.  The kits launched last summer, available for local pickup. Now with the packaging refined, the kits can also be shipped via FedEx. 

"Adding a direct-to-consumer shipping capability is the next step in creating a seamless environment that allows our customers to experience our special occasion meals where and when they want," say owners Kurt and Michael Bohlsen, Owners. "Our new shipping service is just one more way we are redefining the Bohlsen Restaurant Group customer experience, onsite and in the home."

Working In House

BRG made the unique decision to create the ship integration themselves. The internal team customized the Central Market platform to work for their business infrastructure and manages the platform and operations end to end.

To prepare for the expansion, the team created a refined website, all new packaging and took account of their product selection. The culinary team evaluated their offerings for optimal ability to be shipped, tweaking menus and completely redefining packaging to ensure the kits arrive as perfect as they left the kitchen. For Mother's Day the team created their first shippable gift option; the new "Sweet Treat Gift Box." Late spring product expansion includes special culinary inspired gifts for Father's Day, a summer beach-to-boat experience and wine and beer partnerships.

Crafted by the acclaimed team of chefs behind Prime, Tellers and H2O, Central Market delivers high quality, hand-selected dishes, representing some of the restaurants most popular dishes. The kits contain easy to follow instructions and pre-portioned ingredients. Central Market represents a new breed of luxury epicurean experiences, meeting the demand for fresh, quality eats. In the works is a How to Cook video series.  

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Adding a direct-to-consumer shipping capability for its special occasion meal kits is "the next step in creating a seamless environment." says BRG's owners.