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Restaurant Ensures Quality with Kitchen Tech

Cameron Mitchell Restaurants is benefitting from QSR’s ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK) graphical kitchen display software in its Ocean Prime fine dining restaurant concepts and Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern casual dining restaurants. Cameron Mitchell’s selected kitchen management software and hardware solution also includes QSR's reliable eXpert controllers, keypads, and brackets. Already installed in all Rusty Bucket locations as well as Cameron Mitchell’s Cap City Fine Diner and Bar location, implementation within all eight of the Ocean Prime restaurants will complete in the coming months. 
With an average of 250 covers per night and more than 500 covers on a peak night, the Ocean Prime restaurants have historically relied on chefs with 10 years of experience to masterfully manage the expeditor position so that all food comes up together. The CSK eliminates loud communication and unorganized printer chits, reducing noise and angst in the kitchen, which is truly important in open kitchen environments like the Ocean Prime restaurants. With the CSK, each item from an order is displayed at the specific kitchen station responsible for preparing that item based on the cook times of all items that are part of the order. At the order display station, the expeditor knows with a glance the status of each item and order. The CSK ensures that all of the items, with different cook times and prepared at different kitchen stations, are completed at the same time and properly plated so that guests receive their meals together, hot and fresh. 
In addition to the efficiency and quality benefits, the CSK gives restaurant managers easy access to production data and speed of service metrics. For instance, Rusty Bucket managers can compare the kitchen data to labor data to identify highly effective team members or those who may need additional training. 

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