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Resort IDs Most Profitable Promos and Uses Caller Data to Boost Revenue

KeyLime Cove Indoor Waterpark Resort implemented NAVIS as its reservations sales system. With NAVIS, the property generated $80,000 of outbound call revenue in one month and increased conversions by 10%. The system also enabled accurate ROI measurement for promotions and advertising while improving guest satisfaction scores. KeyLime Cove is a 404-room high-ADR waterpark resort that serves metro Chicago and nearby markets.
NAVIS made an immediate improvement in revenue and other operational areas and conversions are up 10% due to NAVIS’ work with our reservation team.
NAVIS provides individual 1-800 numbers for each promotion and tracks results. The Resort generates $80K in one month from NAVIS-guided outbound call program. NAVIS helped KeyLime Cove create an outbound sales call program that also improved the resort’s bottom line.  
Today KeyLime Cove is focused on building its direct-sales voice channel.  NAVIS  records, audits, and collects data on each reservation call. Then NAVIS analyzes each reservation agent’s call data and coaches managers on how to improve sales skills.
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