Red Mango Takes on Puerto Rico with iPad-based POS

A quick-service business begins with a quick-service food prep and ends with a quick-service checkout. After expansion in Puerto Rico, Red Mango now has both, thanks to a POS system evaluation and solution with eMobilePOS.
As background, Red Mango started serving frozen yogurt in 2007. Since then, the number of yogurt stores has rapidly increased, and the company now has over 200 locations in the United States. The menu has also expanded to include items like wraps, salads, juices, and smoothies. In 2014, Red Mango premiered in Puerto Rico, opening four locations in San Juan.
The Challenge
“We were looking for an affordable, yet robust, POS system for our stores in Puerto Rico,” said Mario DomÍnguez, area developer of Red Mango Puerto Rico. “The system had to handle all of the store-level operational needs, as well as automate the reporting of sales data to our corporate office.”
Each Red Mango store has limited counter space, so it was important that the POS hardware was compact. It was also essential that the solution was aesthetically attractive — to fit in with Red Mango’s modern design concept. “As a fast-paced, quick-service business with a lot of part-time staff, it was also critical that the POS system was easy and intuitive to use,” continued DomÍnguez.
The Solution
Red Mango chose the eMobilePOS software that turns Android and Apple iOS tablets into full-feature POS terminals. To create a complete point of sale system, eMobilePOS partnered with Powa Technologies, using the fully-integrated PowaPOS T25, which incorporates all common retail peripherals into one compact, elegant design.
Red Mango has deployed three iPad Air fixed POS stations per store, and each store also uses an extra iPad for line-busting during peak hours. The PowaPOS T25 is purpose built for tablet-based payments, with a universal mount for the iPad, along with a built-in thermal printer and, as 2D barcode scanner that can be used both bi-directionally in the cradle, or hands-free via Bluetooth. The T25 is EMV-ready, and integrates a cash drawer and PIN pad. eMobilePOS can be used as a stand-alone system, but in Red Mango’s case, it seamlessly interfaces with QuickBooks software that is used for accounting purposes by the corporate office.
Via the eMobilePOS back-office module, Red Mango’s store managers can manage menu items, categories, and add-ons. They can also add images of menu items, and update pricing, and create promotions. Items are added to an order by scanning the item’s bar code label or by selecting from the menu on the screen. The customer signs on the screen and the order is sent to printers located by the different food preparation stations.
To reward loyal customers, Red Mango introduced Club Mango, a rewards and loyalty program that is powered by Tupyx and fully integrated with eMobilePOS. It enables customers to earn and redeem rewards on every purchase. eMobilePOS is a cloud-based software service, for which Red Mango pays a low monthly fee with no up-front investment in license fees or servers.
The Benefits
eMobilePOS eMobilePOS and PowaPOS provide Red Mango with a turnkey POS solution that has all of the power and features of a legacy POS system, but costs significantly less while providing much more style, flexibility, and ease of use. The cloud-based eMobilePOS software and PowaPOS SDK also help to future-proof the POS system for Red Mango, as advanced payments such as NFC and Apple Pay can be easily added without the costly updates that older proprietary systems once needed.
“The speed of food preparation and at checkout has a critical impact on customer satisfaction and the bottom line when you run a quickservice business,” explained DomÍnguez. “eMobilePOS and PowaPOS clearly speed things up. We were immediately impressed by how easy and intuitive the user interface is, and since many of our employees already use iPads in their private lives, they are up and running in minutes.”
The compact footprint of the PowaPOS T25 and reduction of mismatched components saves valuable counter space and keeps the counter clutter free. “We love the sophisticated design, and the leading-edge technology fits in with the Red Mango brand,” stated DomÍnguez. “The stand swivels, making it easy to interact with customers.”
The real-time interface with QuickBooks automates reporting to the corporate office and streamlines the accounting process. “eMobilePOS provides our store managers real-time access to performance data and they can see the popularity of each menu item at any time,” added DomÍnguez.  “eMobilePOS seamlessly communicates with QuickBooks and automates all the reporting back to corporate.”
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