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Red Mango to Deploy POS Solutions, Labor Management Tools and More in 50 Locations

Red Mango, one of the fastest-growing retailers of authentic nonfat frozen yogurt, has entered into an agreement with MICROS. As part of the agreement, Red Mango will implement a two-terminal MICROS RES Point-of-Sale (3700 POS) solution, along with MICROS Labor Management and MICROS Managed Service Bureau to 50 of its stores over the next 24 months.

Red Mango, the first natural frozen yogurt concept in the U.S. to be certified by the National Yogurt Association's Live and Active Culture seal program, is focused on providing high-quality, nutritional food in an efficient operation. MICROS RES will provide Red Mango with extended functionality and extensibility, and MICROS Labor Management, an integrated human resources application, will help control Red Mango's labor resources to minimize labor cost and maximize productivity. Red Mango will also use the MICROS Managed Services Bureau to ensure menu and pricing consistency across its enterprise.

"As a fast-growing retailer we have found a great technology partner in MICROS," says Dan Kim, president and founder of Red Mango. "MICROS offers the results, expertise, and national footprint to provide on-site service for our franchise operators across the country, and we look forward to growing our brand with the company."
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