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React Mobile to Bring In-Demand 2.0 Safety Platform to More Hotels with Help from Best Buy Geek Squad

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The pandemic has shifted the timetable for adoption of workforce safety technology from the end of 2020 to the end of 2022. To help hotel operators meet rapidly-approaching compliance deadlines – albeit AHLA’s 5-Star Promise initiative or state/local legislative requirements – React Mobile is expanding its relationship with Best BuyAt least 50% of all React Mobile 2.0 Employee Safety Device projects will be installed by Geek Squad® agents this year, with React Mobile providing onsite safety training and ongoing 24/7/365 customer support.

“Geek Squad has proven to be an extremely efficient business partner for React Mobile, with multiple installations professionally completed for our customers in the past year,” said John Stachowiak, React Mobile CEO. “We are at full capacity installing our employee safety device platform. As we enter the third and fourth quarters, demand is expected to grow exponentially, so we must rely on our valued partner, Best Buy. The service provided by Geek Squad’s talented agents is invaluable.”

Employee safety has been a concern in hospitality for many years. Because hotel workers are not assets to be tracked and micromanaged by an invisible software, hoteliers must empower them with technology that keeps them safe in the event of a crisis. Panic button solutions, such as the newly-released React Mobile 2.0, gives associates a way to always protect themselves.

When activated, React Mobile 2.0 sends an alert to hotel operators as well as relevant authorities. From there, the solution tracks a worker’s location movements in real time to relay this information to responders. This way, the technology retains the ability to track worker movements in the event of an emergency, without snooping on their location during day-to-day activities. Advanced systems can even provide reporting on each e-alert to improve response times and potentially identify security vulnerabilities.

“Our new 2.0 release has been received overwhelmingly positively by existing and new customers,” Stachowiak said. "Our ability to monitor response time as well as providing 99.99% reliability and accuracy is second to none in the industry.”

React Mobile will showcase its new 2.0 safety platform at HITEC Orlando, to be held June 28 to 30 in Booth 1638 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Key features of React Mobile 2.0 include:

•       Cellular Panic Button and beacons that won’t touch your Wi-Fi infrastructure

•       No heavy equipment to install (No drilling, cabling, or bulky access points)

•       A double-redundant alert pipeline to ensure that all calls for help are dispatched from panic buttons to responders in less than half a second

•       Battery powered to not take up outlets on property

•       Certified technicians install and verify platform is 100% covered

•       Cloud-based software (SaaS) with access anywhere on the go

•       A new responder application that will enable employees to receive safety alert notifications on their mobile devices and dispatch help. Management will receive analytics measuring how long it took for the employee to respond to an active alert.

•       Two-way multi-lingual conversations in English and Spanish. French and Chinese coming soon.

•       Single sign-on (SSO) authentications from existing employee email and password

“No hotel can afford to put its employees at risk, especially those still operating with extremely lean workforces,” Stachowiak said. “Together, React Mobile and Geek Squad will equip hotels of all sizes and across all segments with the employee safety devices they need to be compliant and to be good stewards of hospitality and employee safety.”

During the pandemic, React Mobile grew its year-over-year SaaS revenue over 100% in 2020 and 2021; the same SaaS revenue growth is projected over 100% in 2022.

To learn more about React Mobile 2.0, visit or visit React Mobile in Booth 1628 at HITEC.

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