React Mobile 2.0 Workforce Safety Platform Protected from Hosted Cloud Network Outages

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

A network outage can be detrimental to hotel operations. No internet service means no reservations, no guest communications, and potentially no employee safety system if the hotel is using a panic button solution other than React Mobile 2.0.

The hospitality workforce safety platform is designed to deliver the highest levels of reliability during a network outage, such as the one triggered by Amazon Web Services’ US-East-1 region of data centers on Dec. 7th. Hotels relying on React Mobile and operating with an AWS infrastructure experienced no safety platform downtime when the overload occurred. 

Each of React Mobile’s four backend services has a 99.99% uptime agreement, ensuring that the total expected outage during a year is less than 15 minutes.

React Mobile warns hoteliers not to be misled by claims of “high availability.”  Statistically speaking, over the course of one year, systems with 99% uptime can expect outages of three days, 15 hours, 39 minutes, and 29.5 seconds. Those with 99.9% uptime can expect to be down for eight hours, 45 minutes, and 57 seconds. By comparison, with 99.99% uptime, React Mobile 2.0 will experience a total annual downtime of only 52 minutes and 35.7 seconds in each of four redundant systems, any one of which can carry the whole load of the system, for an estimated total service delay measuring less than 15 minutes per year.

According to Gartner, the average cost of network downtime is estimated around $5,600 per minute.

In addition to its reliability, React Mobile 2.0 is a leader in the industry in beacon location accuracy.  The entire solution was re-engineered to be radically simpler for hotel workers to use in the event of an emergency. Existing customers wanting to upgrade to React Mobile 2.0 can do so with no additional hardware required.



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