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Radius Networks Launches FlyBuy Drive-Thru to Increase Speed of Service

Radius Networks launches FlyBuy Drive-Thru, a new product within the FlyBuy location technology platform, designed to automate and streamline mobile order pickup, loyalty identification, and offer redemption at the drive-thru. With this  technology, businesses can cut drive-thru wait times significantly and ensure a seamless transaction.

Seconds saved in the drive-thru lane means greater customer throughput and an increase in sales, and FlyBuy Drive-Thru has been proven to significantly decrease average transaction times. Nearly 70% of quick service restaurant business is at the drive-thru—a number that has been surging even higher given the recent pandemic conditions. However the growth in mobile loyalty and offer redemption, has slowed down drive-thrus, the company says, resulting in long lines and customer turn-away. 

The system leverages a fusion of mobile wireless technologies, including Bluetooth, Ultra Wideband, and GPS, to enable businesses to harness the power of FlyBuy’s Presence Level technology to understand more about their guests and to create a frictionless drive-thru. When a customer arrives on premise or enters the drive-thru, FlyBuy Drive-Thru automatically detects the customer’s mobile device and instantly allows the customer and staff to automate loyalty identification and offer redemption. This information is immediately transmitted to the venue’s existing systems to create a quick and frictionless experience for the customer and the employees as the order is placed and retrieved. The entire process requires the customer to opt-in to sharing their information with the venue. FlyBuy does not retain or share any information, maintaining the trusted privacy relationship between the customer and the venue or business.

The Radius Networks FlyBuy platform is currently installed in more than 30,000 locations worldwide, a footprint that is expected to double in the next year. Restaurants, grocery stores, and retailers leverage FlyBuy Drive-Thru, FlyBuy Tableside, FlyBuy Pickup, and FlyBuy Pay for a cohesive and turn-key platform that delivers a seamless customer experience and drives location-based transactions.

“Drive-thru has been the same for many years, and it’s our job to help our partners innovate and modernize the drive-thru experience for customers and employees,” said Radius Networks Chief Strategy Officer Dan Estrada. “With customer demands shifting, restaurants need to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. FlyBuy Drive-Thru enables restaurants to customize and personalize the drive-thru experience for each customer, which yields higher customer satisfaction and greater return rates. We are proud to be on the forefront of the next-generation drive-thru and look forward to helping restaurants globally in the near future.”

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