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QR Codes Show up on Napkins with ScanNap

12/14/2011 has created ScanNap, the first line of printed napkins digitally enabled to deliver restaurant promotion ideas across the mobile web to the hand held devices of consumers.

Using a printed QR code, the ScanNap cocktail napkin is capable of digitally delivering and embedding any social media promotion directly into the mobile handsets of patrons.

Once delivered, the social "deal" is easily shared across each patron's own social network. ScanNap subtly encourages customers to use their mobile to "check-in" to the establishment using any of the popular social networking sites, like Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and Gowalla, in order to access the restaurant's promotion.

ScanNap matrix barcodes are re-programmable which allows the content links to be changed at will; this features is effective for testing seasonal restaurant marketing ideas. It also provides the restauranteer an option to sell their digital napkin advertising space out to friends and associates to help them better promote their own products, brands or creative art.
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