PurpleCloud Helps Hotels Safely Reopen Post-Pandemic

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Many technology vendors are doing what they can to help hotels re-open safely, quickly and efficiently when the time is right. PurpleCloud is no exception. Prior to the pandemic, PurpleCloud was known for its platform focused on connecting all departments in one place at one time. It offered hotels visibility into what each employee was working on and made sure that each staff member had what they needed to be successful. Now, the company has added an additional feature to its lineup. We spoke with Adria Levtchenko, Co-Founder and CEO, Purple Cloud Technologies to learn more about it.

How is PurpleCloud helping hotels re-open safely?

PurpleCloud has incorporated brand and expert guidelines directly into our platform. We are also going to be donating a free version of our platform with training materials, checklists, and contact tracing functions directly embedded. Using these guidelines, we are establishing a platform that hotels can use to ensure safety protocols are consistently being achieved in all areas of their hotels. Consistency with safety regulations and procedures will be the key to establishing true safety and trust. 

What kind of checklist enhancements will ensure housekeepers are following the steps outlined in the checklist?

Our checklists will be timed to ensure a proper amount of time was spent in each room. Incomplete checklists or completion times that are too short will be reported to management so they check to make sure the room or area was properly cleaned according to the new standards. 

Can managers adapt or personalize the checklists?

Absolutely. Our checklists can easily be edited to fit the unique needs of any property. Managers can edit, add, or delete any of our pre-loaded checklist items. 

What expert guidelines do the checklists follow?

We have uploaded CDC and Ecolab guidelines. We have also been staying up to date with brand requirements as well as AHLA's standards (still being published). We will be keeping these updated with any new changes or requirements that are published. 

How can a hotel use these checklists to create transparency with guests?

All of our checklists are exportable. They can be printed and posted or they can be shared via an email to guests. They list when the checklist was completed, who completed it, and what was done in each room for full transparency. 

What does it cost to implement this platform?

PurpleCloud is making its Covid Response (CR) free version available free to the hotel community. The guide includes comprehensive training materials and we have designed it to work on the tablets, smartphones or computers already owned by the hotel organization or its team members.  It does not require any hardware or software investment on the part of a hotel.

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