Presto Voice Brings Custom Voices to Drive-Thru

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
Santa Claus in the presto drive-thru
Presto's new AI voice feature allows guests to converse with Santa Claus or other celebrities, mascots, characters, or other custom voices while ordering at the drive-thru.

Presto Automation Inc.  introduced a custom voice feature in its Presto Voice drive-thru automation solution. This feature allowing guests to converse with celebrities, mascots, characters, or other custom voices while placing an order at the drive-thru.

With custom voices, drive-thru ordering is transformed from a purely transactional experience to an exciting interaction that guests look forward to and want to experience more frequently. The new Presto Voice feature is expected to help fast-food restaurants increase sales, boost order accuracy, and improve brand loyalty while delighting customers.

The Trail Blazer Leading AI in the Drive-Thru at Checkers and Rally’s

Presto Voice is a widely adopted AI-powered drive-thru voice assistant with over 75% market share. Checkers and Rally's received the 2022 MURTEC Breakthrough Award in part for its use of the AI-based voice assistant that is designed to create a seamless ordering experience for guests.

It delivers strong return on investment by boosting upsell revenue by an average of $330,000 per year and reducing labor costs by $35,000 per year for a typical drive-thru restaurant, according to Presto.

Presto Voice offers a significant advantage to restaurants by minimizing human error, reducing wait times, and freeing up staff so they can focus on improving customer experience.

This new Presto Voice feature can be customized to use local accents, slang, and colloquialisms.

According to a recent Presto survey, 68% of consumers aged 18-44 years said that they are significantly more likely to go to a drive-thru if it offers a celebrity voice to take orders.

“Automation technology doesn’t have to be boring or impersonal. We are proud to bring this highly innovative automation solution that delivers exciting guest experiences while improving staff productivity,” says Rajat Suri, founder and CEO of Presto. “The key is to deploy and integrate Presto Voice early on to stay ahead of the curve.”

Presto Voice uses A.I. to automate speech recognition for drive-thru restaurants. The voice solution can be augmented with Presto Vision, another A.I.-powered product that provides 16 unique operational metrics on drive-thru performance. These real-time metrics can help reduce wait time and increase order accuracy. Presto Flex complements the A.I. technology stack as a custom-designed, multi-purpose tablet that can be interchangeably deployed for a variety of restaurant dine-in and drive-thru applications including pay-at-table, staff handheld, kiosk, and drive-thru line busting.

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