Premier Mounts Introduces Digital-Signage Mount with Built-In Audio

Premier Mounts expands its successful UNI product line by combining its powerful audio system, a flat-panel mount and UNI-UST in a single unit, the UNI-DS+AUDIO. The new product enhances digital signage video messages with powerful, high-quality stereo sound. Digital signage components may be stored in the integrated GearBox. A tilt and swivel flat panel mount is attached to a stylish extension arm, which gives the monitor a horizontal swivel range of +/- 40 degrees.

The universal mount provides its own set of top-of-the-line speakers, an advantage when flat-panel displays do not have their own. Designed with an acoustically balanced stereo speaker system that includes 5.25" woofers, directional tweeters and an energy-efficient 50 Watt amplifier, the UNI-DS+AUDIO's dynamic audio system distributes sound powerfully and evenly. It also supports multiple audio inputs.

The mount incorporates a patent-pending GearBox in its base plate to safely enclose not only the amplifier and its power supply, but also third party streaming media players, network adapters and other A/V components. Lock-It security screws protect the mount and GearBox from theft.

The UNI-DS+ AUDIO can be installed on any surface due to an array of mounting slots at the top and bottom of the base wall unit. It comes with a ECM3763S flat-panel mount for displays up to 63", which is attached to a 6-12" extension pipe with a 1.5" NPT thread. The flat panel mount rotates horizontally up to a 40 degrees in either direction, and 15 degrees vertically.

The UNI-DS+ AUDIO will ship in June 2010.

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