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Precidia, Axia Partnership Delivers Tools for Secure, Flexible Payments at the POS

Precidia Technologies Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of Internet Protocol (IP) payment and networking products, announced today a partnership with Axia, a leading provider of electronic payment programs. TransNet is a payment engine application which integrates easily with POS systems in hospitality and other retail sectors, delivering secure, managed and flexible payment processing.

Certified with major processors, POS systems and device manufacturers, TransNet boasts a unique integrated payments model. Housed on a secure hardware platform such as the POSLynx220 payment router, TransNet offers the industry's most comprehensive approach to security. This approach features PA-DSS validation, PCI DSS support for merchants, SSL encryption, and field-tested firewalling. The TransNet solution also offers unparalleled manageability, with the NetVu management server assisting the ISO with tools such as network monitoring and alerts, transaction logs and settlement data, as well as the ability to upload application updates remotely at the click of a mouse. TransNet supports a range of payment types, including credit, debit, gift, loyalty, and can route transactions to multiple processors simultaneously.

TransNet is used in a variety of retail payment applications, and integrates easily with ECRs, PC Systems, IP/Dial payment terminals, POS applications and e-commerce websites.
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