POSTRON Release a New Set of Smart POS Systems for Restaurants

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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POSTRON smart POS system featured by wireless handheld devices and scan-to-order feature. Perfect for food trucks, fast food, and dine-in restaurants.

POS systems provider, POSTRON, has released a new set of smart POS systems to improve the dine-in experience and enhance the security of receiving payments.

POSTRON which was created specifically for small-to-medium-sized restaurants and food trucks offers unique handheld smart POS devices connected through automatic device detection and configuration software, and also relies on cloud storage to make sales data and customer profiles always available.

According to a report by CNBC, around 69% of new restaurants fail within their first year, and nearly 80% never make it to their 5th anniversary.

While the poor choice of location might seriously contribute to the above statistics, further research reveals that mismanagement and poor coordination of dining experience are the chief prevailing factors that make restaurants lose customers and subsequently draw the blinds for good.

Another study by Thanx, Inc. posits that 70% of customers who make it to the table don't return, putting the average restaurant customer retention rate at 30%.

For a small food truck selling off the corner street, losing 70% of paying customers could crush chances of running a cash-flow positive business. And it only gets worse for dine-in restaurants that have to tackle monthly costs like food, labor, and overhead, approximately losing 90% of their income to recurrent expenses.

POSTRON is, however, giving small to medium-sized restaurants a fighting chance by offering access to a product that boosts customer engagement.

The POSTRON POS software lifts optimal efficiency to new heights by reducing the amount of time it takes to process an order. It integrates a self-order feature with the point of sale system to shorten queues by enabling customers to make, adjust and pay for orders all from the comfort of their smartphone.

The handheld POS devices sport slick and chic designs and synchronize with the countertop POS terminal to achieve a seamless integration that would help every restaurant run a pay-at-the-table service.

Tracking critical KPI is an important part of data analytics that lets any business accurately measure its performance. And with POSTRON's industry-leading restaurant data analytics platform, restaurants can get a better understanding of their business as well as make better decisions utilizing real-time data.

Asides from computing key metrics such as daily income and order amount, the POSTRON data analytics platform also reduces the cost and attendant stress of efficient inventory management, letting restaurant owners keep a keen eye on usage while also facilitating cost calculations for every dish.

POSTRON is scheduled to attend the Money 20/20 exposition,  scheduled for the 23rd to 27th October, as an exhibitor where it will showcase the impressive features of its value-packed products to professionals in the fintech field.

The California-based company has also reaffirmed its commitment towards helping small restaurants grow by offering contractless access to the basic features on its platform, as well as an all-inclusive premium monthly subscription package that promises to be best friends with your pocket.

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