POS Upgrade Satisfies Pizza Fusion's Hunger for a One-Stop-Shop Solution

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Fla, Pizza Fusion takes restaurant service to a new level. From hybrid cars and LEED certified restaurants to its fresh, organic menu of gourmet pizza, ciabatta sandwiches and more, Pizza Fusion is pioneering the organic and environmental restaurant movement in America. Through the chain's following of loyal customers, restaurant management has taken Pizza Fusion from a single location in 2007 to that of a chain consisting of 20 locations now open in 11 states.

Throughout Pizza Fusion's rise, the chain quickly developed the need for an advanced point of sale (POS) offering that included the ability to consolidate reporting, online ordering, and call center capabilities. However to meet these needs chain-wide, Pizza Fusion's previous POS provider required the company to tap into the services of three different vendors. It was obvious that the previous POS was missing the mark, and it was time for a change.

After thoroughly reviewing several products, Pizza Fusion selected Revention to address its growing need for a robust POS solution. Revention was able to meet all of Pizza Fusion's criteria to help its franchisees to better manage their day-to-day operations. From its reporting capabilities to its marketing tools, Revention has changed the way that Pizza Fusion's franchisees view their business to help them to run a much more efficient restaurant.

A robust solution
With Revention, Pizza Fusion was able to integrate its online ordering so that customers are now able to place orders directly through the website for the particular location that they are seeking. It has also enabled Pizza Fusion to launch a national call center for managing all of its restaurants' phone orders. What's more, Pizza Fusion is now able to access real-time reporting, which enables them to monitor the progress of its nationally located restaurants, from California to Florida.

On the installation front, the transition to Revention went very well. Their technical support was instrumental with ensuring that all of Pizza Fusion's locations were online and operational in relatively minimal time. They literally flew in the night before and trained staff and franchisees first thing in the morning, before going live with the new system by lunch.

The end result? Revention has provided Pizza Fusion with a more robust program, enabling them to manage their business more effectively from both a cost and operational standpoint. Pizza Fusion's franchisees found Revention to be very user-friendly. Now, they're able to spend less time looking for the reports they need, and more time analyzing reports for better results. Additionally, Pizza Fusion franchisees are discovering Revention's marketing tools to be very beneficial with building sales and driving traffic into their restaurant.

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