Portillo's to Launch Native Delivery Program

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
To meet increased demand for delivery, the fast casual brand will add in-house delivery and will continue to use third-party delivery services.

Portillo’s is launching its own self-delivery program. The fast-casual chain will soon begin using its own drivers to deliver select orders that come through portillos.com or its app.  

To fuel the new program, Portillo’s plans to hire several delivery drivers for each of its 62 restaurants, accounting for hundreds of new jobs across the chain. In addition to base salary, drivers will be able to earn tips from their deliveries. Additionally, they will be cross-trained inside the restaurant. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age, have a vehicle, have a valid driver’s license, and must be able to show proof of insurance.  

Portillo’s continues to find ways to differentiate the experience for guests who order from the brand’s website and app. Diners who order directly from Portillo’s have access to limited-time offers, the lowest prices, birthday club rewards and now the brand’s own drivers.  

Delivery has been one of the fast-growing arms of the Portillo’s business, and the chain foresees continued growth. Portillo’s is currently partnered with third-party delivery companies DoorDash and UberEats, and it will continue to use those platforms to serve fans as well. 

Maximizing Off Prem

The fast-casual brand recently teamed up with Olo to integrate digital ordering into Google’s search results pages.  Rails, Olo’s platform that enables restaurants to efficiently process orders originating from third-party destinations, is now integrated across Google Search, Google Maps and Google Assistant, transferring each order directly into the restaurant’s point of sale and ordering stream to improve operations efficiency and guest experience.  

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