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POPcodes Announces Initiative to Help Acquirers and ISOs Instantly Deliver COVID-19 Safety Messages to Merchants

POPcodes, a payment terminal software provider, announced that it is offering to provide personalized, white-labeled versions of its point-of-purchase communication software for free with a turnaround time of 48 hours. The technology will be configured to deliver COVID-19-specific cleaning instructions directly to the merchant's in-store payment terminal, helping keep employees and customers safe. POPcodes is committed to helping stop the spread of the virus and start recovery.  

POPcodes' software helps its clients instantly communicate to merchants and their associates at the point of purchase via the 'smart,' chip-ready payment terminals. Under normal circumstances, POPcodes clients use the software to deliver welcome messages and device set-up instructions, or to provide instant access to tech support content like FAQs and Quick Reference Guides and help automate sales of new value-added products or services.  It's a far more effective method of connecting online to the store than sending messages via email or other communication.

With the current pandemic, the circumstances are far from normal, and quickly distributing critical messages directly to where merchants and their employees are most exposed is more crucial than ever. For example, health care professionals, credit card issuers and payment processors are trying to encourage merchants and their customers to use "tap to pay," and merchants need to know that typical limits are being increased. Since COVID-19 survives for hours or days on most surfaces, merchants need the latest manufacturer-approved payment terminal cleaning and disinfecting instructions.

To flatten the curve and avoid damaging their equipment, these new instructions must be closely followed by merchants and employees, which is why POPcodes is waiving 2020 licensing fees for their white-label app which will display a branded version of the cleaning instructions on payment terminals each time they're turned on. Because time is of the essence, POPcodes will provide the ready-to-deploy software package within 48 hours. 

"The pandemic is affecting families and businesses worldwide, and clear, timely communication is an essential part of the solution," said Gregg Aamoth, co-founder and CEO of POPcodes. "We have a uniquely effective way to communicate with merchants and store associates at the point of purchase, and we think doing our part to spread the news and reduce the spread is the right thing to do. By taking action now, we can help our partners drive merchant and consumer awareness, flatten the curve and accelerate recovery."  

POPcodes partners with major merchant acquirers and ISOs to reach tens of thousands of merchants across North America, including a top-5 merchant acquirer which is set to deploy their solution for this and other support automation benefits at end of the month. Though most other projects have been halted, the acquirer has deemed the project essential because effective and efficient merchant communication is more vital now than ever.


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