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Pineapple Hospitality Drives Business with Digital Marketing

Pineapple Hospitality is partnering with buuteeq to centrally manage its digital marketing and promotions for its four unique properties in Seattle.

Pineapple Hospitality recently leveraged buuteeq's cloud-based, subscription service to deliver high-performance web, mobile and Facebook sites aimed at the savvy traveler. With buuteeq, Pineapple Hospitality aims to increase occupancy rates through enhancement of their digital communication and immediate access to real-time insights into what prospective guests really want.

buuteeq gives Pineapple Hospitality the digital marketing solution needed to analyze how potential guests interact with its online communications as it happens and the control to seamlessly adapt to it. Pineapple Hospitality's hotel websites have each been redesigned and streamlined using buuteeq's unique DMS and the company anticipates a 20-30% increase in direct bookings using the system.

buuteeq enables hotel managers and marketing professionals to populate and manage compelling content on their websites, social media sites and mobile applications from anywhere with a browser. Featuring rich analytics and reporting tools, buuteeq enables properties to increase occupancy and reduce costs by converting more direct bookings through online reservations and eliminates the need for custom hotel web design and development.

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