Pineapple Hospitality, DASAN Zhone Install FiberLAN at The Alise Hotel in San Francisco

When Pineapple Hospitality, a property management company for boutique hotels on the West Coast, began planning the remodel of its historic hotel property, The Alise, the management team set out to update the Internet infrastructure. They needed to find a high-performance bandwidth solution that would support triple-play services and could be installed in a 100-year-old building. In addition, they wanted the Internet network to be live during the three-month remodel of the hotel, which they kept open for guests during construction. To accommodate these requirements, Pineapple Hospitality deployed a FiberLAN Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) from DASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc. at the 93-room boutique hotel in the heart of San Francisco.
“When planning for the remodel of The Alise, our goal was to find a solution that would allow us to maintain Internet services to guests during the remodel period. We realized that we didn’t have a lot of room to install wiring, and we didn’t want to rip up all of the floors and ceilings throughout the hotel,” says David Thomson, chief information officer for Pineapple Hospitality. “We chose FiberLAN because of its small footprint, high-bandwidth, low disruption to guests and its lifespan of more than 25 years – we needed a solution that doesn’t have to be replaced in the near future.”
The Alise hotel building is more than 100 years old, and Pineapple Hospitality’s goal was to maintain the unique character of the historic building, opting not to dismantle the existing floors and ceilings. One necessary renovation was installing a new elevator, which replaced the area that once served as a technology closet. Pineapple Hospitality turned to DASAN Zhone Solutions to evaluate The Alise property and create a network design for the building. To avoid removing the floors and ceilings, the network was designed so that the fiber optic cabling could be installed within a compact pathway that spans from the bottom floor all the way to the roof and then directly to each guest room. The design also included robust bandwidth capabilities and throughput of one gigabit to each guest room.
Because the FiberLAN footprint is small, all the network equipment is housed in one technology closet in the basement, including the DASAN Zhone Solutions MXK-194-10GE aggregation platform. With the new infrastructure, the hotel eliminated additional technology closets on each floor and is now able to use the space for storage and linen closets, improving response times to guests. Each guest room is equipped with a 2624P Optical Network Terminal (ONT) with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities to guests with high speed Internet access, voice, video and data services.
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