PhoneSuite Unveils Cash for Telephone Clunkers Program

The government's recent Cash for Clunkers program helped the environment by getting thousands of gas-guzzling cars off the roads. Now, PhoneSuite is bringing that concept to the hospitality industry in an effort to rid hotels of older, energy-guzzling telephone systems.

PhoneSuite, a provider of telecom solutions designed exclusively for the hospitality industry, and participating Authorized PhoneSuite Resellers have set up a $1 million fund to reward hoteliers for replacing their aging, environmentally unfriendly phone systems. From now until March 31, 2010, or when the fund is gone, hotel owners who purchase an energy-efficient PhoneSuite hotel/motel PBX will receive a rebate check directly from PhoneSuite for $25 for every room in their property (e.g. a 100-room hotel will receive $2,500).

PhoneSuite's ultra low-power consumption system is at least twice as efficient, sometimes even four times more efficient than the competitors' products. Its energy-efficient design has no moving parts and therefore gives off very little heat or electromagnetic energy, making PhoneSuite not only "green," but also more dependable and cost-effective than other systems on the market.

As part of the program, PhoneSuite will be collecting and recycling the old phone systems using a nearby eco-friendly recycling company in Boulder, CO, which oversees the recycling of electronic parts instead of sending them off to be disassembled under less than environmentally friendly circumstances.

Providing upscale service for mid-size properties, PhoneSuite integrates seamlessly with Property Management Systems and eliminates hours of training with its easy-to-use console. And PhoneSuite remains dedicated to the hospitality industry by offering U.S.-made, energy-efficient products that are approved and installed at numerous national hotel chains.

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