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Paytronix App Upgrades Give Brands More Control Over Mobile Experience

Paytronix Systems, Inc.a provider of mobile loyalty and online ordering applications, mobile payment, and digital communication tools, announced the next version of its branded mobile app with native online ordering, a self-service content management system and a new UI/UX. The new and improved features are designed to give brands more control over their mobile experience and to get their mobile apps up and running quickly and cost effectively.

To learn more about the Paytronix branded mobile app and to see a demonstration of Apple Pay with Loyalty ID visit:

Paytronix booth #20 at MURTEC, April 11-13, 2018, in Las Vegas;

Paytronix booth #203 at the Restaurant Leadership Conference, April 15-18, in Phoenix, AZ.

The updated Paytronix Mobile App includes:

Native Online Ordering – Integrates online ordering platforms, such as OLO, directly into the mobile apps to give guests a slicker experience, enhanced graphics and a more intuitive order flow. Single sign-on integrations mean the guest only has to identify themselves once for ordering and loyalty. Marketers can send out an “order now” push message to their apps that will instantly increase revenue.

Self-Service App Updates – Frees marketers to change the look of their app on the fly without releasing a new version to the Android and Apple stores. The updated content management system enables brands to modify their apps’ look and feel with new color, fonts and images as the promotional calendar changes, the brand evolves, and as guests demand more.

UI/UX – Facilitates customer navigation with a cleaner look and feel and a customizable progress bar. Designed to increase enrollment, the mobile registration pages have been updated with a conversational series of pages that makes it easier to capture and augment customer data.

“In today’s digital and mobile-based world one of the biggest stumbling blocks for brands is creating a seamless, remarkable customer experience in all touch points. The integration of online ordering and rewards programs — or integration of any technology type — is rapidly becoming a ‘table stake,’” said James Park, CEO of Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh. “Native online ordering within an affinity platform combines the two functionalities in one mobile app and gives the guest that holistic and seamless brand experience they expect from a top brand.”

The Paytronix Mobile Guest Experience platform gives restaurants and retailers all the necessary tools to deploy a complete set of world-class guest engagement tools: website, apps, kiosks, surveys, and messaging. Leveraging the Paytronix API, brands develop applications and mobile responsive web sites that deliver exceptional guest experiences and give marketers the ability to manage their accounts from a branded mobile portal.

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