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Payment Security Technology Showcase

According to Hospitality Technology research, security is mission critical for restaurant and hotels. Consistently among the top five strategic goals for technology investments, restaurants and hotels are bullish on making sure that technology investments are secure to protect both customers and brand reputation. HT’s annual technology studies reveal that 33% of restaurants say payment security is a top objective for tech investments in 2019 and hotels place improving security as a very important priority.

In this Payment Security Technology Showcase, HT presents potential buyers with leading payment solutions at a time when they are looking to make changes or upgrades to payment systems.

Payment Security, Mission: Critical  

Hotels and restaurants make strides in technology investments for payment security, but is it enough?

Research reveals a marked increase in technology budget allocations to security practices in 2019 compared to 2017. This trend is mirrored in both the restaurant industry and hotel industry as brands seek to improve convenience for guests while allowing them to order and pay in the way they choose. Enabling these payment methods, requires a hyper focus on security, lest a brand becomes the latest name in a breach headline.

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