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Partnership Offers Restaurants End-to-End Services from CRM to Loyalty

CARDFREE has announced its partnership with XPIENT Solutions, a point of sale and technology provider used by 17 of the top 50 QSR brands. Together, the companies will offer omni-channel, end-to-end services for restaurants from CRM and loyalty to order-ahead, payments, stored value, and back office solutions. The companies are partnering to expand their joint customer base and footprint into international markets.
CARDFREE's mobile commerce platform provides full customer lifecycle capabilities, including smart offers, gifting, order-ahead, stored value, payments, and loyalty. XPIENT provides the most advanced restaurant commerce technology, including the cloud-based XPIENT Commerce platform, the IRIS Enterprise Point of Sale and Production system, complemented by a series of local transaction management solutions in the industry while being hardware and software agnostic. The companies currently share common customers and see even more potential ahead with this partnership.
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