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Palms Casino Resort Uses Gamification Software to Make Offers and Incentive Guests

Palms Casino Resort has signed a deal with OfferCraft, a software company, that will give guests new ways to earn rewards, such as a video basketball game to win free drinks, or scratch-to-win games in emails to unlock bonus points from Club Palms.
Some of the games will be available in the property, while others will be accessible via the website and other channels. Unlike traditional prizes, the rewards earned from playing these games are more interactive — as an example, if a guest wins a reward that he or she doesn’t like, the software allows the guest to swap it out for something else.
“The OfferCraft product speaks for itself, and we couldn’t be happier to have implemented it at Palms,” said Jake Joyce, Vice President of Casino Marketing. “It’s easy to set up and use from one campaign to another. More importantly, it has been nimble enough to meet both our creative and analytical needs across many targeted channels.”
OfferCraft blends gamification tools with deep insights into human psychology to deliver more engaging incentives that delight and entertain customers.
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