Orlando-Based Pizza Shop Finds Success with Facebook and Online Ordering

Golden Knights Pizza in Orlando, Florida is a local success story that can be appreciated anywhere in the USA today. The key to their fame is their Facebook fans and friends. After starting with Facebook and then linking in BigHoller Restaurant Online Ordering, Golden Knights Pizza was able to generate more than 2,000 fans and 1,500 friends in their first sixty days. "It has been a boon for me using BigHoller and Facebook; a real plus for our store," says owner Chas Warner.

Experts point out that times have been hard for the restaurant industry as of late as customers are becoming more and more rigid on food spending. "Truth be told, a large number of restaurant closings shouldn't surprise anyone. In an industry that fights for single digit margins, economic change can bring a harsh reality," states Jaime Oikle, owner of Restaurant Report. "Successful restaurants are getting leaner, watching pennies and dollars more closely, and thinking smarter about operations," adds Oikle.

Golden Knights has found a way to efficiently stretch their operation dollars with large returns. "I do the majority of our marketing free on Facebook, utilizing events and status updates," claims Warner. His marketing strategy involves between 4 to 6 planned events per month and then directing friends and visitors to his online ordering. Warner also adds, "It is a smoother operation. We don't have to have multiple phone lines ringing at the same time and we don't have to stop what we are doing to answer them. This frees us up to be productive. I can see a day when we will be doing more than 40% of orders through BigHoller."

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