Oracle MICROS Doubles Partner Integrations to Help Restaurants Rebound

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Technology has played a critical role in helping restaurants continue to operate during the pandemic. Ensuring customers could adapt to the needs to the moment, Oracle Food and Beverage doubled its MICROS Simphony Point-of-Sale (POS) integrations in the past year alone. Restaurants can now choose from an extensive and pre-validated ecosystem of partner applications in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to plug-in everything from online ordering to contactless payment apps.

Partner integrations enabled by Oracle Food and Beverage’s open APIs make it easier for organizations to manage their menu information and digital content and expand their omnichannel ordering capabilities. By bringing key solutions and data together with Simphony’s in-depth analytics and insights, restaurant owners can make better decisions and act in real-time to deliver great guest experiences.  

Open API Framework

Open APIs are in demand by restaurants and tech suppliers alike. Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) introduced the industry's first and only Open API Frameworkwhich provides a standard approach for successful integration. Vertical specific solutions with open APIs keep restaurants nimble and empower integrations. 

“Food and beverage business leaders need technology that allows them to remain nimble.” said Chris Adams, vice president of strategy for Oracle Food and Beverage. “Our open API architecture and extensibility gives customers the ability to test new concepts and grow their business with confidence and speed.”

Omnichannel customer service, and a need to pull back control of customer data from third parties, requires a thoughtful approach to online ordering, delivery, location awareness, guest engagement, click-to-pay and contactless ordering solutions from partners like: 

  • Adyen Global Payments Platformdelivers frictionless payments across online, mobile and in-store channels, and is one of the few industry solutions offering payments, checkout and managed risk in a single system. 
  • Appsuite CRMcloud CRM seamlessly integrates mobile apps, delivery and order management, multi-channel marketing, loyalty, rewards, gift cards, surveys, and ordering to drive increased traffic and revenue for restaurants and hotels.
  • Beverage Ordering Service System (BOSS): enables customers to order a beverage at the point of play, such as on a casino floor. Order fulfilment and payment information is sent automatically to Oracle MICROS Simphony eliminating manual order entry, and simplifying reporting and audit activities. 
  • Bluedot Geofencing Platform: connects mobile and web orders to Simphony POS, estimating time of arrival, in real-time, while a guest is en-route.  Order timing, kitchen production and fulfillment, whether at the counter, curbside or in the drive-thru is optimized to improve customer service. 
  • Deliverectconnects Uber Eats, Deliveroo and other delivery services directly with Oracle MICROS Simphony, so that restaurateurs can expand sales channels organically, or through ghost kitchens and virtual brands, and simultaneously simplify operations. 
  • EngagePHD: is a scalable, low cost content management system that makes managing digital signage content simpler. Product and order data from Oracle MICROS Simphony is dynamically transferred to EngagePHD where you can layout engaging Digital Menu Board and Order Confirmation screens.
  • Olo: enables restaurant brands to launch, manage, and scale their digital ordering programs. Olo connects with Oracle MICROS Simphony to power every stage of the digital restaurant transaction, from fully branded guest interfaces to the back-of-house order management features that keep the kitchen running smoothly.
  • SevenRoomsis a fully-integrated, data-driven guest experience platform that helps hospitality operators connect data across the guest experience. Operators like Fire & Vine Hospitality use SevenRooms in tandem with Oracle MICROS Simphony to tie attributes like POS spend to SevenRooms guest profiles so they have a more holistic view of guest activities and can design programs that encourage authentic loyalty. 
  • TableSafe EMV: is a pay-at-the-table platform designed to allow guests to complete the entire payment process in 60 seconds or less, without the server’s involvement. This eliminates the need for the guest and server to transfer paper, pens, or credit cards and maintains a safe environment for the restaurant and its patrons.
  • Yellow Dog Inventory: is a-full featured back-office inventory management system that works seamlessly with Oracle MICROS Simphony to streamline item management, recipes, purchasing, physical inventories, and reporting. Its mobile applications can help keep employees engaged in operations while spending less time in the office.

To learn more about the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, attend the Oracle Food and Beverage Virtual Connect on April 27-29, 2021.

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