Ono Food to Open Mobile Juice Bar Powered by Robotics


Ono Food Co. is launching a mobile restaurant powered by robotic technology in Los Angeles this fall.

Ono’s robotic food truck will be serving the greater Los Angeles community nutritious and affordable smoothie blends for under $6, and prepared within 60 seconds.

The concept was created by alumni from well-known companies in automation and logistics, including Instacart, Cafe X, L2F (systems integrator for Zume Pizza, Tesla and SpaceX), and more.

Stephen Klein, Co-Founder, and CEO, said “Fast food options usually fall into two buckets: fast, healthy, and unaffordable, or fast, unhealthy, and affordable and nothing in between. Combining our backgrounds in tech, automation, and culinary fine dining, we knew we could fill this void to give more people access to healthy, high-quality food.”

Customers order from Ono’s self-service kiosk and watch as robotic systems create their blends from scratch. Within 60 seconds, blends are ready at Ono’s pick-up area.

By leveraging robotic technology to make blends, Ono is able to offer consistently delicious, custom, environmentally sustainable meals to customers, whenever they want it and in the fastest way possible. 

Following the initial launch, Ono will be launching an app where customers can view where the Ono Blends truck is located. Customers can place their order on their smartphone device to enjoy a personalized blend in advance. Once the individual is within a 300-foot radius of the truck, the robotic systems will initiate the order to ensure the blend is made fresh and will be ready when the customer arrives.

Ono will also serve blends in communities from Venice to Silverlake and everywhere in-between. 



Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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