Omnivore Offers Free Features to Streamline Restaurants’ Digital Connections

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Restaurant technology company Omnivore has released a set of free features designed to unlock the potential of restaurants’ point of sale (POS) systems and bring choice and flexibility to the technologies restaurants choose to simplify third-party delivery.

Through the Omnivore Connect program, restaurant operators can now use Omnivore’s core API to quickly test and integrate both proven and new applications and technologies that can help them run and grow their businesses to meet customers' evolving needs.

APIs, especially Open APIs help restaurant integrate and innovate faster. Earlier this year,  Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) introduced the industry's first and only Open API Framework that provides a standard approach for successful integration.

[RTN's Open API Framework and the Menu Synchronization Standard are available online here.]

Some of the most popular uses for Omnivore Connect include labor and scheduling, loyalty, payment, delivery and online ordering. Omnivore Connect allows restaurants to choose one - or multiple - solutions that are quickly and easily connected to the existing POS system.

[37% of restaurants say integration with a third-party delivery system is driving their next POS upgrade -- HT's 2021 POS Software Trends report. ]

Omnivore connects restaurants’ POS systems to apps and technologies that streamline operations, improve efficiency, enhance guest experience, and increase profitability. New apps and technologies from industry leaders and startups alike can be rapidly scaled and deployed into hundreds or thousands of restaurant locations through Omnivore Connect. 

For example, sunday is a QR code-based restaurant payment application that provides pay-at-table functionality to guests. It’s one of nearly 200 solutions available on Omnivore’s Connect Marketplace that restaurants can integrate with their POS system. This seamless integration helps restaurants quickly install and vet the app, then roll it out to all their locations and concepts overnight. 

a hand holding a remote control

Innovation on the Menu

In addition, Omnivore is also making select features of its popular Menu Management System free to restaurants. This includes the ability to manage multiple menus across multiple concepts, powering menu boards, kiosks, and online ordering.

Restaurants that want to integrate and fully capitalize on delivery and off-premises sales can subscribe to Omnivore’s full suite of Menu Management System features. By subscribing, restaurants unlock Menu Management System’s ability to directly inject delivery orders and centralize menu management across all digital platforms, including DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. The additional features drive off-premise sales while minimizing costs.

Register for a free educational webinar on Sept. 28, 2021 to learn how Skip Kimpel, CIO at 4R Restaurant Group and host of the Tech Chef podcast, worked with Omnivore to add flexibility and efficiency to its daily business for its primary locations plus two virtual concepts.

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