Ocean Resort Casino Implements AI Recruiting Platform

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Ocean Resort Casino Implements AI Recruiting Platform

By Farragutful - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

In a job seeker market, what does a new casino do when it needs to staff its entire operations in approximately 6 months while competing for talent with another casino's grand opening? In the case of Ocean Resort Casino, that opened in early summer 2018, it looked for a modern-day solution that resonated with today’s applicant engagement behaviors. Specifically, their recruiting technology requirements entailed text and web messaging engagement, automated candidate screening and interview scheduling to ensure a consistent hiring process — and one that delivers a delightful candidate experience. Ocean Resort Casino selected AllyO, an end to end AI recruiting software platform.

Ocean Resort Casino needed to hire more than 3,000 people for their summer grand opening, a task that is always a challenge but is especially so in a very tight labor market when people have multiple options and cannot wait for weeks for their job to start. With tight timelines and a candidate first priority, Ocean Resort Casino wanted an innovative way to reach their potential hires. The innovation paid off in big ways.

Ocean advertised “Text to Apply” posters across billboards, radio, and newspapers, and had new applicants in their applicant tracking system engaged by AllyO to qualify them. The results included filling Ocean Resort Casino’s calendars with 1,200 qualified and scheduled applicants and exceeding industry standards with a 92% applicant engagement rate — Ocean Resort Casino successfully staffed their operations by prioritizing the candidate experience and automating recruiting routines.

“AllyO is an innovative way to attract and qualify candidates. It was very well received by Ocean’s candidates and gave us the competitive edge to hire top talent. Plus, the AllyO team supported us throughout the whole process and ensured our success with our hiring efforts” said Lori Loveland, Director of HR at Ocean Resort Casino.