Oaky and ReviewPro Integration Permits Upselling via Guest Messaging

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Upselling engine Oaky and ReviewPro, part of the Shiji Group, have launched an integration that allows hoteliers to generate more revenue opportunities, streamline operations and personalize the guest experience via outbound messaging. 

Hoteliers that use ReviewPro's Guest Experience Automation (GEA)™ solution can now send out automated messages that include Oaky upsell deals. Via GEA ™, Oaky deals can be distributed across different channels, like email, SMS, and WhatsApp. Once a request is made, a team member assigned to the task will be automatically notified – wasting no time catering to the guest's request. 

‘We have always loved ReviewPro’s intelligent approach to guest feedback and communication and consider them innovation leaders in the hotel tech world. This integration brings about a wealth of benefits for both guests and hoteliers and, in a nutshell, simplifies messaging and processes to allow for top tier upselling and customer care.” Erik Tengen, Oaky co-founder

'As hoteliers keep digitizing their operations, we understand the growing need for hotel tech providers to integrate their different software solutions. This offers a rich and seamless experience to both hoteliers and their guests. By integrating with a partner like Oaky, who has been helping hoteliers with upsell strategies, we saw an opportunity for hoteliers to align revenue management and operational excellence, both key in current times.' Michael Kessler, CEO ReviewPro.

Benefits of the ReviewPro and Oaky Integration

This integration will tackle several pain points for both guests and hoteliers, including the issue of over-communication, missed opportunities for revenue, inefficient operations, and the need to stay on top of various tech platforms. The integration’s unique combination of automated upselling, guest messaging, and case automation solves several challenges at once:

Consolidated messaging  

Combining outreach into one message from a single platform, means that guests receive less superfluous communication from the hotel and can give proper attention to each message.

Streamlined follow-up

A successful upsell request automatically alerts the correct staff members, to ensure that any request is followed up in a streamlined and timely manner. 

Less platform switching

Administrative stress is reduced by keeping all upsell and related communication in one platform that centralizes every interaction across the guest journey. Hotel staff can rely on just one tool to ensure they track all remote guest requests. 

Automatically generated incremental revenue opportunities

Opportunities for incremental revenue will be caught, nurtured, and acted upon immediately across multiple channels.

Measured impact of upselling

Directly assess the impact of upselling on guest satisfaction using ReviewPro’s feedback tool. 

The Oaky-ReviewPro integration enables hoteliers to turn revenue opportunities into operational excellence, efficiently responding to guest needs while monitoring guest perception of automated tools’ performance at the hotel. Ultimately, allowing ReviewPro and Oaky clients to get the most out of their tech investments. 

ReviewPro and Oaky customers can get in touch with their account managers to find out more about this integration.

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