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Nov/Dec 2016 Issue

  • Decoding Social Data

    Monitoring and responding to customers on social media is key to brand success, and could offer companies detailed data and actionable insights for growth
  • The Connected Guest Experience

    Mobility and connectivity drive guest experience from pre- to post-stay.
  • The Rise of Mobile Hospitality

    With modern travelers tethered to personal devices, hotels must offer frictionless and customized mobile experiences to drive bookings and loyalty.
  • POS Reduces Labor & Support Needs

    Since implementing Revention's POS system, Brodersen Management has sped up service and reduced employee frustration.
  • Hotels Helping to Reinvent the CRM

    A new HTNG workgroup is developing a CRM model that will serve as a principal repository at the center of a hotel's IT architecture, where all business applications can access it
  • Marriott Guests Shape Future Hotel Experience

    If you want to define the future of hospitality, you have to constantly find ways to stay ahead of trends and anticipate consumer needs. Matthew Carroll, vice president of global brand management at Marriott Hotels, discusses the company's "Live Beta" hotel concept where guests can test the newest service concepts first-hand and give feedback in real-time.
  • Data as Differentiator

    Analyzing data is becoming ever more vital for the hospitality industry; this month's issue of HT calls out the conundrum and highlights solutions. HT's editor, Dorothy Creamer, discusses how data will be the differentiator in this new era of service and customer experience.
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