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NorthStar POS Now Integrates With This Data Management Software

Custom Business Solutions (CBS), developer of the restaurant industry’s first iPad-based cloud point of sale system, now integrates its NorthStar POS with Rosnet, a data management service provider for restaurant operations.

Together, NorthStar and Rosnet offer operators a data management suite to optimize labor, food and inventory, three continually challenging costs in the restaurant business.

Using both companies’ services, restaurants gain a top-down view of the data behind their largest operational expenses and insight into money-saving opportunities that can increase profits.

First developed for the restaurant industry nearly six years ago, NorthStar Order Entry provides an omnichannel system for guests and servers to order while managing security, improving speed of service and enhancing the guest experience with elevated service, all managed from the cloud.

Rosnet offers integration to other key software suites including accounting, payroll and job applicant tracking, and when joined with NorthStar gives operators a complete suite of management software.

The Rosnet and NorthStar integration gives users access to the Rosnet scheduling module that uses actual sales and cover data to project theoretical staffing needs based on a customizable matrix.


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