Noodles & Company Receives POS Support from Above

Founded in 1995, Colorado-based Noodles & Company ( is the world's first quick-casual, globally inspired noodle restaurant, operating more than 210 corporate and franchise locations in 18 states across the U.S. In support of its overall business strategy to leverage hosted applications, Noodles & Company began to explore ways that they could more effectively manage and support sites remotely.

"Gaining the ability to support restaurants remotely and in a secure environment was a primary challenge we faced," explains David Lehn, vice president of information technology at Noodles & Company. "In today's restaurant environment, we need to ensure that all restaurants are maintaining PCI compliance. Implementing an above-store tool that would help facilitate gaining tighter security and decrease the threat of exposure is vital to our operations."

Not only would a secure, intuitive above-store application help improve operations, but it would mean one less moving part for the eight team members that manage all IT support.

POS support management
As an existing customer of Radiant Systems' ( Aloha POS software and its Radiant P1520 terminals, Noodles & Company piloted Aloha Command Center, a new support management application. This above store application was designed to enable restaurant operators to monitor and interact with each server and terminal in real-time. The application's features provided a 'right-fit' with Noodles & Company's overall business strategy to leverage hosted solutions. The implementation was completed within one week and required minimal effort by the Noodles & Company IT staff. "We live in a world where we shouldn't have to worry about the POS; we expect it to work just like a telephone works, with zero to limited interruption, and Aloha Command Center brings us one step closer to this goal," says Lehn.

The installation of Aloha Command Center was virtually seamless to the restaurant support and operations teams and required minimal training efforts. Since implementing Aloha Command Center, Noodles & Company is reassured that their business is operating in a more secure environment. "When you are supporting a 200+ site restaurant operation, less is more. The need to un-clutter and streamline the back-of-house becomes critical to your business and Aloha Command Center has been the tool that has helped enable us to achieve this," says Lehn. With Aloha Command Center, Noodles & Company has improved visibility into their stores and is able to understand and stay ahead of in-store terminal failures or other alert conditions so they can continue to operate and serve customers with limited interruption.
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