Nickelodeon Family Suites: 'New Rev Mgmt Service Enables the Analysis of Bookings & Patterns like Never Before'

Orlando's entertainment destination, Nickelodeon Family Suites, is the latest resort to feature the EzRMS Product Suite and all of its revenue management capabilities. The 777-room, 24-acre property in the heart of Orlando's tourism district, known as 'Nick Hotel', has selected EasyRMS as its systems provider for all revenue management services after a lengthy RFP process in the beginning of 2009.
"I think the decision to go with EzRMS over all others was a combination of price, product functionality, ease of use / user friendliness and interface capabilities with Opera," says Phil Robart, director of sales and operations, North America.
EasyRMS installed the EzRMS Core Module, Ez-QUOTE, Ez-BUDGET & Ez-COMPETE Additional Modules and the extraction and upload interfaces to Opera V5 PMS.
"We've been very pleased with EzRMS," says Jim Struna, director of marketing and revenue management at Nickelodeon Family Suites. "We've streamlined our operations and are able to analyse bookings and patterns like never before."
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