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New Load Balancing & Bandwidth Aggregation Gateway for Limited Service Hotels Comes to Market

EthoStream, LLC, a Telkonet company and a provider of hospitality gateway servers, HSIA solutions and technical support, just released its new dual WAN high-speed Internet access (HSIA) gateway, the EthoStream Gateway Server Dual (EGS Dual), a cost-effective version of its proven EGS Pro Dual. The EGS Dual virtually eliminates network downtime and maximizes available bandwidth, ensuring guest satisfaction with media-rich Internet applications.

With the EGS Dual, properties can combine different types of circuits, including DSL, T1 or cable connections, from multiple providers, delivering increased throughput and eliminating dependence on a single ISP for Internet connectivity. By combining different ISP circuits, hotels are able to dramatically increase the amount of bandwidth available to guests without a drastic increase in cost. The EGS Dual also provides critical ISP redundancy, guaranteeing Internet availability for the needs of the business traveler. These features ensure hotel guests will be able to get the Internet content they want, without interruption, at a price the hotel can afford.

Brian Brandstetter, President of Cornerstone Hotel Management, says, "with our guests using the Internet for social networking and IP-based video services, there is a constant pressure to increase bandwidth. However, for properties like our 78-room Holiday Inn Express in Fort Atkinson,ÕWisconsin, we don't have the budget for additional, expensive equipment to meet these needs. EthoStream's new gateway solves this problem by aggregating the traffic from the fixed wireless ISP and DSL lines, providing greater bandwidth and delivering maximum performance from our existing infrastructure. It also ensures that if one circuit fails, the other circuit will continue to carry Internet traffic so our guests will never get disconnected from the Internet. We are looking forward to implementing this new cost-effective solution in our properties."

Key features
The EGS Dual is available for order and shipment beginning December 1, 2009 with a price of $1,750. Key features and benefits include:
  • Dual WAN capability that automatically re-routes guest traffic when cable or DSL fails for real-time failover and uninterrupted Internet access
  • Scalability, combining inexpensive WAN circuits for increased bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of a single connection at the same speed
  • Load balancing, utilizing bandwidth to its maximum potential with proportional distribution across each WAN connection

Proactive, real-time management, monitoring and reporting of multiple ISPs, with the EGS Dual integrated into EthoStream's web-based Remote Management Console

EthoStream's platform has been designed to provide a simple, all-in-one solution for Internet access within a commercial public-access network. The EGS Dual and EGS Pro Dual can be integrated quickly and easily with any combination of WAN connections to deliver wired, wireless or hybrid HSIA. All models of EGS link directly to EthoStream's in-house 24x7 live support center and EthoStream's web-based Remote Management Console, enabling both property management and EthoStream's in-house support team access to remotely monitor and control a property's HSIA usage, equipment health and ISP status in real-time.

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